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Trip to England (Part 1)

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Well after about a week of an aggressive cold (which I’ve graciously passed on to my wife and son), I’m feeling a bit better.  I still have some lingering tiredness that won’t disappear, but I’m functional.  I wasn’t down for that long, but when I was down I was out!

Over the next few posts, I will be talking about our trip to England in June. We are going for about three and a half weeks.  This will be Connor’s first chance to see a lot of family, and also it will be Sarah’s first time back since moving to the States.  We’re both looking forward to it, as we are both really in need of a vacation.  Plus it will be the last time we get over there for about another year and a half (next trip is planned for Christmas 2011).

I’m really excited about this trip.  We are fortunate that we don’t have to worry about lodging because we’ll be staying with Sarah’s parents.  Also, transportation isn’t an issue in London or really England as a whole.  Being in London we’ll be able to access most anywhere in England with relative ease.

I absolutely love London.  I never thought I’d enjoy big cities (Chicago and New York weren’t that impressive for me), but London is absolutely amazing.  I’m a history nut, and I love walking down streets where one building is modern, and another is back from the 14th or 15th century.  If you’re a foodie (I am not by any means, but I do love food), there are restaurants galore, pubs, take away, everywhere.  The best part of it all places like the National Gallery, British Museum, and other museums are free.  The Royal Parks there are beautiful seemingly year round.  It’s truly an amazing place, rich with history and culture!

I am a bit spoiled having my very own travel guide.  Sarah’s able to show me places off the beaten path, and more “local” than the tourist stops. We ate at some of the best places that I haven’t read about in the tour guides.  I was able to see things from a local perspective.  So this trip will be about us meeting up with family, introducing the little man to the onslaught of “aunts” and “uncles”, as well as becoming reacquainted with a City that has a lot to offer and many different layers.

Written by Jas

March 21, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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