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Reducing the Extras

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So part of the issue we are running into with our move is that we need to reduce the items we currently have in order to make space in the new apartment.  Currently, we have a ton of clothes, books, and DVDs that we can get rid of, and I would venture to say, wouldn’t miss.  So we’re taking the plunge!


This are actually amazed me the amount of clothes I have, and to be honest I am no longer wearing.  There is a mountain (at the very least large hill) of clothes in our bedroom, and we simply do not have the storage space for it.  A lot of my clothes came from “losing” them, and buying replacements.  I want reduce my clothes down to a bare minimum, evaluate the excess and then get rid of the rest. Due to my work schedule, I would need three business casual outfits, four casual outfits, two dress outfits, and my work out clothes.  I may keep a few extra t-shirts for working around the house.


I didn’t think I had a lot of DVDs until I began boxing them up.  There are quite a bit there.  And I while some of my all time favorite DVDs are in those boxes, I’d say a good percentage are ones I probably wouldn’t miss if they were gone. There are even a few that I know are unopened that I haven’t watched. Now that we have Connor, watching a movie can be a stop and start event.


The same is true with books.  I was recently privileged enough to get a Kindle for my birthday from my wife and in-laws.  Slowly, I’ve been purchasing all my all time favorite books in Kindle format. It will hold on average a thousand or more books. There are a few books and series of books I absolutely love and enjoy which I wish to keep, but other than that and a few specific series and books, the rest are just taking up space and dust.

So the goal is before the move to sort through these books and DVDs and take those we do not wish to keep in and get some cash for them.  This I hope to throw into our emergency fund, or into a household fund for purchases for our new apartment.  This would be for things like décor, any items we may need to buy, or anything related to the apartment.

I’m trying to look at this as good practice for when we move to England.  While we want to take with us our most prized possessions, most of what we’d need can be repurchased on the other side.

Written by Jas

April 6, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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