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Long Term Goals

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This past weekend I had a bit of an eye opener.  Sarah had a really bad home sick moment.  It is times like this those five years seem like an eternity, and no matter how you spin it, five years is a long time.  I think I had lost focus a little.  While my desire for this is no less, the every day day-to-day seems to be more pressing, than something that is five years from fruition. So what can one do when you are staring down the barrel of a long term goal?  How can you keep motivated?

Keep your eyes on the prize

This might seem like common sense, but it is harder than you’d think.  With everything that happens in the day to day, sometimes it is hard to keep your focus on your ultimate goals.  We put lesser more immediate priorities before the more important long term priorities.  Is this wrong?  I would say in moderation probably not.  Some things have to be addressed.  A car breaking down or a medical bill that needs to be paid should definitely take priority.  Buying a new TV or eating out a lot probably isn’t.

Celebrate the Victories (even the small ones)

One of the biggest things that can help with “shortening the gap” is to focus on milestones or small victories that put you that much closer to your long term goal.  For me, it’s getting out of debt. I have a spread sheet with all the debt I currently have.  Every time one of those debts is paid off it is crossed out.  For me that is a victory because that’s one step closer to our goal!  Whether it’s an old $50 medical bill, or a car loan (eventually it’ll be paid off!) it’s still a win!

A long term goal is something that can be difficult to obtain due to the gap between start and finish.   You will run into times when it seems hopeless and further away than you can believe.  Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize and celebrate the small victories along the way to your ultimate goal. You will look back with a great sense of accomplishment when you can say “I did it! I’ve made it!”

Written by Jas

April 12, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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