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Our journey from debt to England…and everything in between!

Vacation t-minus …

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46 days and counting!

So we’ve decided for Cornwall we’re going to limit our trip to spending the majority of our first day in Boscastle/Tintagel and then driving down to Marazion and spend the next day down in that area visiting St. Michael’s Mount, and the surrounding area.  We are looking at hotels down there rather than hostels…I think it’ll make for a more enjoyable experience!  It is absolutely gorgeous down there.  Boscastle looks to be a very rural community, and Tintagel Castle supposedly has rumored ties with King Arthur!

We’re 46 days away from our trip back home.  Our biggest hurdle during this wait is moving into our new apartment.  After the move we’re just over two weeks until we leave.  I’m starting to get into that excitement stage.  I can feel it getting near.  We have so much we want to do within those three and a half weeks, but even if we cannot do all of it, its going to be nice to kick back and relax.

I have to tell you every time I’ve flown into London it has been dark.  The first time was a late night arrival flight, and we came down from the clouds and there she was, shining brightly.  It was an amazing site.  The second was an early morning arrival and dawn hadn’t broken yet as we descended down.  It was truly beautiful.  I’m hoping the feeling is the same with an 8 month old sitting on my lap after a 9 hour flight

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April 13, 2010 at 6:30 pm

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  1. For your long flight – get the bulkhead seat and request a bassinet – they put it right in front of you so you can put the baby down to sleep and have some freedom. It doesn’t cost anything extra. Trust me – you’ll be glad to have it!


    April 14, 2010 at 2:14 am

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