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Cable – The big debate

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I’ve been toying with the idea of cancelling cable and just sticking with a high speed internet package.  Our cable and phone companies all offer “bundle packages” but we use Vonage for our phone service (namely for the international calling feature and the fact we can forward it to our cells, so that when we’re out Sarah’s family and friends can still speak to us), and cable…well most of our shows are available for free online.  There’s pro’s and cons to this.


  • Cheaper Monthly Bill – this would save us almost 50% on our monthly costs.
  • On Demand – because the shows are either downloaded or available off their website, we can watch them when we want. 
  • Better Range of Access – Having a laptop and a desktop in the house gives us a bit freer range for watching shows.  So we can watch a cooking show in the kitchen, or a more adult drama in our bedroom while Connor is asleep.


  • My TV is ancient ­– My TV is about 10 years old. What I would ultimately want to do is connect our laptop to the TV so watch shows or movies through it. The problem is that my TV currently doesn’t support it.  So we would be limited to watching shows on our laptop (which has a small screen), or always in the bedroom computer (which has a 22” screen).
  • Connor’s shows! – Ok, most of the kids programming he watches has snippets or things available online…but sometimes its nice to toss Sprout on the TV and let him be absorbed for a few minutes.
  • Football – During American football season I can be fanatical a little obsessive.  My poor wife must suffer through endless talk of scores, and stats, and rankings…and if I had no cable, I can’t catch all the games of my favorite team (they air some on cable networks only).

While the con’s aren’t really solid arguments, they are important to consider as they raise questions. During football season do I add cable back so I can record and watch the games? Do I buy a new television?  Right now, I’m leaning towards doing without.  Then maybe at the start of Football Season I’d subscribe back to cable for that 34 month period.

Which will we choose?

Written by Jas

April 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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