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Our journey from debt to England…and everything in between!

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The recent shut down of European flights due to the Icelandic volcano ash has had Sarah and I both a bit on edge, hoping that it ends fairly soon.  We’re a little concerned it could affect our travel plans late May.  Sarah’s parents live about 20 minutes (by tube) from Heathrow, so a plane flying overhead is a very common experience. How I wonder what it must be like with no air traffic!  I remember during 9/11 how eerily quiet and empty the sky was with all flights in the US grounded.

Nevertheless, my heart goes out to a friend who was due to go back to England for a week or so visit with family, and has to cut it short to 23 days due to the ash.  I cannot imagine how hard that will be, and hope they are able to find another way to get back for a longer visit.  We are still planning our visit to London, and things progress nicely.  Connor’s ¾ unbirthday party has been scheduled (on a side note – I love Google Calendar!).  Sarah and I have come up with an itinerary that we are happy with.  We’ve been able to secure our hotel for Marazion, and purchased a few of the tickets that we wanted.

This weekend has been a chilly, but beautiful one, making me loathe being at work where I am indoors and not even near a window.  Though according to the forecast my “weekend” should be rather nice!  I’m hoping to get the kitchen and rest of the front room packed and ready to go, this weekend, leaving the last two weekends to focus on the bedroom and our bathroom.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but with a 7 month old it can be a chore!  Connor is at the age where everything is new and must be explored!  He is beginning to roll around to get where he wants to go, and I worry that it is only a matter of time before he’s crawling or walking…then I’m buying gates, socket plugs, locks, CCTV, shackles, manacles, and other devices to keep him out of trouble!

We have been on a kick with our Netflix account.  I received the disc that activates the Wii to use the Play Instantly portion of Netflix.  So while the movie selection is a bit on the bland side, the TV shows is pretty amazing.  My wife and I watch the first 5 episodes of the X-Files last night.  We also found quite a few kids dvds that Connor likes (Kipper, Thomas and Friends, etc).  So far we’re enjoying it, and it has confirmed that we’re going cancel our cable service for the time being, and then likely during football season, we’ll get the service with a DVR (since I work on the weekends!).

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April 18, 2010 at 6:58 pm

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  1. You are so right Jason, I’m so use to having the noises that, I hadn’t realised the quiteness of the sky, yet I knew all flights have been cancelled, just goes to show what we get used to. I thought it would stop Michael when we got gates for everything, but he learned how to climb, almost before he could walk. !Gates! they never held him back,and although Sarah couldn’t quite climb, she knew at a very early age how to flick the sliding bolt (then would smile up at me and her eyes would say !EASY! with that smile of hers’ you know the one. So be prepared and put all your bleaches and cleaning products up in the top cupboards and all your tins in the lower ones. Not the cornflakes, Mike was with me in the kitchen one day,(no cooking at the time), if I remember I was making a shopping list, I looked round and he had the cornflakes everywhere. So Be Warned!!!!!


    April 19, 2010 at 3:08 am

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