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Packing for three weeks

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With our travel plans fast approaching, packing concerns are even bigger this time.  Because of taking an 8 month old with us, we’re going to obviously need more room than if it were only us traveling.  We’re flying on American Airlines whose baggage rules per person include one carry on, one personal item, and one checked item.  Also, according to their site we can take in addition Connor’s umbrella stroller, and diaper bag, since he is going to be on our laps.  This is going to give us two carry ons, two checked bags, and two personal items.  One perk that American has (I’ve notice a lot of other airlines as well), is charging ports for portable electronics!  American uses a cigarette lighter charger connection, and economy has select ports in the on the seats (and our seats just so happen to have one).  We are planning on taking the laptop and have a few movies, shows, and kids programs for Connor to entertain us on the almost 9 hour flight.

Basic List of Travel Items

  • Our clothes and toiletries
  • Connor’s clothes and toiletries
  • pack n play
  • laptop and power charger (and travel charger)
  • Digital camera and cam corder.
  • kindle and reading books

Luckily, we’re staying with family with access to a washer and dryer, so we can pack light on the clothes front. Same with Connor, though we’ll include a few extra as my boy love his messes.

My Clothing List

  • two pairs of jeans
  • a pair of dress pants
  • a pair of shorts
  • swimming shorts
  • three t-shirts
  • a dress shirt
  • PJ’s
  • four sets of underwear
  • six pair of socks (You’d be surprised how often you need a spare pair!)
  • one pair of dress shoes
  • one pair of tennis shoes

This still seems like a lot, but when you consider we’re there for almost three and a half weeks, I think it is pretty conservative.  I found this website, and I definitely want to try his method!

Ideally I would like to travel with only carry ons and Connor’s pack n play in checked luggage.  I doubt this will be possible though.

Written by Jas

April 21, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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