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“A Powerful Agent…”

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The past month or so, I have been researching the idea of freelance writing.  I enjoy writing, and having fallen out of it the last few years, have decided it’s time to dive back in as a side hobby and maybe a source for additional income.  The more I’ve thought about it and researched it, the more I’ve been attracted to the idea of making it a full time career.  Lots of others out in the world have done it, why can’t I?

What led me to this point?  Well, there are more reasons than I could post on this article, but here are a few of the big ticket items.

  • Cube Life Isn’t For Me – I currently work for a Company, that in the way of Corporate America, this is one of the best in my opinion.  But, I’m finding more and more that the 95 isn’t for me.  Too many times I wake up, the sun is shining, the air is crisp and fresh, and I am faced with the reality I won’t get to enjoy it.  I don’t like Cube life!
  • Family Matters – This is a huge one. After my son was born, I realized I want to be there for all the small things as well as the big things. I want to spend as much free time as I can with him and my wife.  Freelance writing allows for that flexibility. As I tell my wife “Have laptop, will travel!”
  • Passion – I felt I had lost my passion.  My wife has been finding her way spiritually and it’s reignited her passion.  I looked around and there was nothing I was truly passionate about.  Since starting this blog and researching freelancing, I have felt more energized. 
  • It’s Not About The Benjamins – While I would love to be able to live off freelancing, it isn’t the primary factor in doing it.  I’m finding I would rather be known for what I have given to society (or those around me), than how many pennies are in my bank account.

Mark Twain stated “A powerful agent is the right word. Whenever we come upon one of those intensely right words… the resulting effect is physical as well as spiritual, and electrically prompt.” It amazes me how one can read a piece of fiction, and see the author use their words to paint the landscape, the emotions, and the imagery of the story.  How one can read a book or article on a topic they know nothing about and come out retaining even a small portion of that knowledge.  Words can pull at our heart’s strings in ways we can’t imagine.

What To Write About?

This is an area I am struggling with currently.  What direction do I want to go in? What topics should I write about? Originally I started this blog as a place to discuss my family and I’s journey from the US to moving to England.  Now, I wonder what else could be discussed that others would want to read about.  Also, having found renewed vigor in writing, I want to use it as a practice ground for my writing.  I want to write about England, but do so in a way that isn’t recycling the same facts that can be found in a history book or tourist guide.

As far as writing professionally, I honestly don’t know where I would like to go with that yet.  Right now, I’m in the planning and researching stage.  I’ve been reading blogs on freelance and ordered a few books that have some positive reviews about explaining on how to get started, and how to succeed in freelance writing.  I’m sure as the months progress, this blog will transform, and begin to take a proper shape.  This is uncharted territory for me, and its both exciting and scary at the same time!  I’m looking forward to finding my voice, and finding my niche in the world of writing.

What Now?

RESEARCH. MORE RESEARCH. AND STILL MORE RESEARCH!    Knowledge is power, and there is a profusion of information out there.  Also, I am hoping to reach out to others in the blogosphere with similar interests with moving to England, or English related blogs.

In the upcoming weeks I plan to post some articles outlining our experience with the US Visa process, as well as some posts relating to our time in England this June.  We’ve got a jammed packed three and a half weeks, and I’m sure there will be many stories to tell, and experiences to share!  If you have any ideas or thoughts on what you’d like to read about please leave a comment or send an email.  Feedback is always welcome!


Written by Jas

April 28, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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  1. I think you should go for it Jason, both you and Sarah have an art for writing, so why not use it to your advantage. Good Luck in all your quests.


    April 29, 2010 at 5:25 am

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