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Our journey from debt to England…and everything in between!

Back from Hiatus

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Well we’re back from our trip home to England.  I apologize for being out of touch the last few weeks, and not posting.  All of our time was absorbed in activities, and spending time with family and friends.  I rarely used the internet for more than checking my email every few days, and checking on things like prices at a restaurant, or directions to somewhere.  To be honest, I had a bit of writer’s block as well and had no idea what I wanted to say, or where I could begin to say it.  Three weeks have given me so much material, that I’m sure I’ll have some bits for a while!

The trip was more than I could have ever asked for, and I miss everyone and everything in England.  Being back in the states still feels a bit…odd.  I have been born and raised here, but I still feel a bit foreign.  Phrases like “You alright?” and “cheers” get odd looks, or completely different responses.  I find it odd now not having beans for breakfast (a problem my wife and I have rectified as of yesterday’s shopping).  I am amazed at the fact of how dependent on our cars here.  After three weeks of walking virtually everywhere, I feel a bit guilty popping in the car to drive down to a shop (read in American “store”) ¼ of a mile down the road.  It is the little things like those I miss.  And the Irn Bru.

I am happy to be able to get back into the swing of life, though.  I wouldn’t say I’m happy about being “home”, but I am happy for us to get the ball rolling on getting ourselves in a position to move back to England as quickly as possible.  Toward the end, I felt a bit in limbo as friends and family planned their lives for after we left, and life went on as normal, but I still felt out of sorts.  We return with renewed vigor and excitement to save our pennies, and get out of debt as quickly as possible!

I plan to write a bunch of blog posts about our time there, as well as a few about some things and people from there.  We’re still settling back in, so bare with me!


Written by Jas

June 26, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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