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Boxes and Dirty Carpet

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My wife is hosting a dinner for Samhuinn at our home this year.  This presented a bit of a challenge as our dining area has been more storage, than dining area.   We recently obtained a washer and dryer which has its own closet downstairs, so all the boxes that were being stored in there had to be moved…to our dining area.  We have been meaning to move them upstairs to the closets for some time, but laziness (namely on my part) has prevented this.  It was in such disarray that it I had no idea where to begin!

Our carpet has also has seemingly had stains bleeding through again.  We noticed that it started taking a dingy tint, while spots were coming through.  So on a whim, I called our office and mentioned the carpet.  They offered to have it cleaned for us since we’ve only been in the apartment for about five months.  He asked what days are good for them to do it, and as I have Thursdays and Fridays off, I mentioned those.  He immediately said “How about this Friday between 9am and noon?” We jumped at it excited to have it cleaned free of charge and quickly!  Then a sinking realization came upon us:  We need to move the boxes!

Come Thursday, I moved most of the boxes upstairs and picked up the dining area.  Our down stairs is all open, so the living area and dining area are really one room.  That night we made sure everything was out of the way save for our sectional sofa.  Friday they came in and cleaned our carpet, and while it wasn’t a true deep clean, the surface is cleaned nicely.  I imagine come another few months we’ll need to revisit the idea, and I am toying with renting a deep cleaner to do it then.  But now, our downstairs not only has clean carpets…it looks like an apartment again!


Written by Jas

October 16, 2010 at 10:13 am

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